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Data, Web, Consultancy and Training Services provided as part of an InstantAtlasTM solution or as a stand-alone service.

Professional Services

Acoustical Mapping

Our team provides acoustical mapping services utilising the CadnaA system.

Data services

Our professional services team helps with all aspects of data management to help small teams achieve relevant, up-to-date, accurate, well-organised and well-presented information systems saving you time and money.

Preparation and loading:

Efficient preparation and loading of data held in a range of formats, including Microsoft Excel. Organise data for optimal performance ease-of-use.

Data auditing:

Assess and clean data to improve loading and display.

Identify any data problems, inconsistencies or corruption.

Web services

Branding, design & build:

Use our in-house marketing team to deliver comprehensive website creation services including design, build, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation and analytical reporting and site management.

Web Video Tutorials:

Our Support team are creating interesting video tutorials for clients to explain to the public 'how-to-use' their websites and InstantAtlasTM dynamic reports. To see some overview clips, go to:

CPHRonline Video

Consultancy services

InstantAtlasTM report building services:

Collaboratively design and build InstantAtlasTM dynamic reports and profiles for different datasets and audiences.

Apply our development skills to customise the functions and style of individual pages.

Custom reporting solutions:

Our team work with you to understand your organisation's needs, propose solutions using the InstantAtlasTM platform and cover all stages of a project from initial setup to development, launch and beyond.


We meet your InstantAtlasTM training needs no matter how big or small.

Our courses are delivered by experienced trainers who use a combination of demonstrator-led and hands-on training to transfer knowledge to you and your colleagues.

On-site training is customised to the needs of each customer. Our goal is to transfer the knowledge necessary for you to become self-sufficient in the administration of the system. We send a trainer to your premises to carry out the training in person using your data. The training is hands-on, with practical exercises designed to test your understanding. The course for a team of first-time users covers all aspects of day-to-day administration, such as data loading and output building.

InstantAtlas training courses are delivered as follows:

InstantAtlas Desktop and Server Training courses can also be delivered in on-line format.

InstantAtlas Professional Services offer customers one-to-one support for site creation, management and ongoing development.

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